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January 7, 2012

2011 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


October 31, 2011

Hello world!

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Hark and well met, traveller!

Hope you’re all doing well, unless you’re evil, in which case i hope you’re doing, err, you know, like, not so well *gives a stern look*. This thing here is my blog… version 2.0.

I created a blog back in 2007 onto which I think I submitted a grand total of just one single solitary post. A friend of mine had just started a blog and I figured it’d be fun to do something similar myself but for some reason I just lost all motivation to keep it up. Will this time be any different?


(See what I did there? I’ve set my expectations low and therefore if I post again then I shall have exceeded those expectations and this little blogging adventure will have been a qualified success!)

So why have I decided to give this whole blogging thing another chance? For the following reasons:

  1. Constructive use of my free time: I have quite a bit of unallocated time now that I’ve stopped doing my part time Ph.D. in Statistics (note – stopped, not completed, due to personal reasons) and want to do something constructive.
  2. An online journal: I’ve always wanted to keep a journal so as to have a record of my life and a place to scribble random thoughts. As this will be a public blog I am not going to be sharing my most intimate of thoughts but I’ll be blogging about some of the things that I get up to, on an irregular basis be it something like review a TV episode, a move, a blog, a play, a musical, a festival event…
  3. Educational: I like learning new things and I figure having a blog onto which I might post tutorials every now and again will not only motivate me to learn and understand new concepts but also help out any other people who are encountering similar challenges. This will most likely be to do with programming problems in R but I also want to start learning other programming languages too like Python.
  4. Communication skills: My communication skills leave much to be desired. Ask me to summerise a movie I’ve just finished watching and I’ll have a hard time doing it. Ask me to spell a word and there’s a good chance it’ll be incorrect. However, by forcing myself to write on here I hope to develop these important skills in the right direction.
I also want to keep these posts short and so I think I’ll end here. If you’ve read this whole thing then I would like to say a very sincere thank you and hope you’ll pop on back every once in a while. 🙂

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