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December 20, 2011

Dexter, Series Six

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After seeing his mother butchered in front of him while only a toddler, Dexter is adopted by a police officer who tries to bring some sense of belonging and family to his life. However as Dexter ages he starts to display tendencies towards psychopathy and so his adopted father realising that he can’t stop this instead refocuses Dexter’s energy to live by a code whereby he can only kill someone if they’ve already committed a murder and are likely to do so again. The series thus revolves around Dexter as an adult who has become a serial killer but will only kill murderers who are likely to kill again.


The sixth series story arc revolves around several ideas including (i) Dexter questioning his need to kill because all he really wants is to be a better father for his son and thinks it may be possible after meeting another killer who has changed his own life around, (ii) the main antagonists this series are a couple of religious fanatics who want to end the world, (iii) Dexter’s younger sister Deb, who is not a blood relation because Dexter was adopted, realising that she has romantic feelings towards him.


I’ve always enjoyed Dexter not only because of it’s fantastic writing and performances but also due to it having an anti-hero as the lead character. I can’t think of many other shows which have, essentially, a ‘bad’ guy as the main focus whom the audience is also rooting for. I put ‘bad’ in quotes because even though he is killing other murderers and in thus in the process preventing potential future murders, he is still at the end of the day still killing people and that is wrong. Even so, I find myself cheering him on because it’s not difficult to see the good he achieves.

I think the show is having a hard time coming up with a good enough rival to Dexter after the Ice Truck Killer from series one and Trinity from series four. Having said that though it was still somewhat interesting to see Dexter battle with the religious fanatics in this series not because they were any kind of real match for him but due to how he as a character grew. At one point he realises that the best thing to do is to call the police instead of trying to satisfy his dark passenger and that to me is the reason why Dexter is such a likeable character – he may be a killer but he also has a code and realises that some things are more important than himself.

The one plot point this series that I’m not really behind however is Deb realising that she has romantic feelings towards Dexter. I know they’re not blood related but they were brought up together and that just doesn’t sit right with me. I can see where the logic comes from within the series given the relationship and shared experiences these two have but there’s still that initial ‘yuck’ factor for me. I’m actually interested to see how Dexter would react to this revelation in some future series. I know it’s not technically incest but it feels like it would be. Interestingly enough, as a side note, if one removes the issue around having children then it actually becomes very difficult to form a logical argument for why incest between two consenting adults should be wrong. Just thought I’d add that last point because it is interesting to think about.

The final scene this series matches my shock from the end of series four when we found out that Trinity had killed Rita, Dexter’s wife. Having Deb walk in as Dexter is about to kill the religious fanatic and ending series six there was a magnificent moment. I honestly thought that given how she hadn’t worked it out over the first five series that she probably wouldn’t this series either. I really hope series seven picks up at the scene that series six ended because I really want to see how she handles the realisation that her brother is a killer. Series seven is going to rock!

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