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December 18, 2011

30 Rock, Series Two

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The premise of the show seems to have evolved since series one from being about a head writer for an SNL (Saturday Night Live) type comedy sketch show trying to keep the wheels of the machine rolling whilst attempting to have some kind of personal life outside of work, to being a show about the people who work behind the scenes and everyday drama they have to deal with (or in some cases, cause).


30 Rock has an episodic format where each episode is for the most part self-contained and the audience can therefore jump in and out at any point. As far as the series two arc is concerned, the main story that comes to my mind is mostly about Donaghy tying to become the new chairman of the network.


I tend to watch 30 Rock whilst doing my weekly ironing as it’s not really a show which requires my full attention and if I miss something because, say, I’m hanging up a shirt I’ve just finished removing the creases from ,then it’s not at all a big deal and I can usually still figure out what’s happening.

Kenneth is by far my favourite character, his innocence makes any scene he’s involved with just that much more entertaining. I like all the other characters too but I’d say Kenneth and Donaghy make the show very watchable for me.

To be honest I can’t seem to recall much of what happened in series two but I know I enjoyed it enough to want to continue on to series three as my primary show to watch whilst I do my ironing.

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